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Rise of Shenlong
Server Launch - June 28

Dragon Crusade Flyff Season 8 Dragon Realm

The Season 8 Server will go online on April 28th 6 PM GMT+1. You can expect a fresh start and a lot of new content.

The season is anticipated to run until September, at which point we will conduct a Discord survey to determine the optimal time for merging with the main server. Rest assured, no characters or items will be lost after the season concludes; instead, everything will be transferred seamlessly to the main server.


Season 8 Tournaments 120.000 Dragon Coins Prize Pool

This season will have two tournaments each with four matches.

The guild gets tournament points depending on the number of points achieved in Guild Siege. New guilds can enter the tournament at any time without registration.

The prize money will be distributed to the guilds in Donate Coins after the tournament. The exact dates of the tournament matches can be found below in the tournament schedule.


Join one of two factions to unlock numerous benefits, such as faction buffs, by increasing your reputation within the faction.

Faction PvP - Dragon Realm

In the Dragon Realms, you can earn reputation to level up your faction through Quests, World Bosses, or Open World PvP.

Faction Statues

Contribute Penya to your faction to construct a statue in the Dragon Realm or demolish enemy statues to elevate your faction.

Capture the Flag PvP

Experience an entirely new team-based PvP mode where you will randomly join one of two teams and strive to reduce the enemy's points to zero by making kills and capturing the flag.

500 Slot Inventory Chest

The new 500 Slot inventory chest provides ample space for storing your items. Unlock additional slots by completing achievements.

Tankless Dungeon Mode

A novel dungeon mode designed for groups without a tank. Bosses will possess higher HP but lower attack damage and marginally lower drops than in normal mode.

Improved Solo and Beginner Dungeon Mode

Receive more drops from beginner mode and class-specific drop bonuses in solo mode. Additionally, a drop bonus will be available for low-level players who want to catch up.

Dungeon Revision

Dark Runes and Black Castle are relocated to Dragon Rank 60-70 and will also yield rare upgrade materials for endgame sets and weapons. Diamond necklaces will now be exclusive to the Cave King Dungeon.

Endgame Upgrades

To enhance your game set and weapon, utilize new upgrade materials discovered in Dark Runes and Black Castle. The endgame dungeons will be shifted to Dragon Rank 80-90.

Item Stack Merging

Whitelisted items that are not stacking will automatically merge upon login for premium players to save inventory space.


We evaluated PvP and PvE balancing and considered community feedback to refine the overall balance of the classes.

Psykeeper Wand Auto-Attacks

Magic classes using a wand will now be able to auto attack a monster.

Siege Honor Buff

There will be a new reward buff for playing siege called the Honor buff which will give double Drop Rate for one hour. You will also be able to buy weapon dust for red chips.

Season 8 Tournament Plan

Points for the tournament are awarded on fixed dates. To get points you have to participate in Guild Siege on that day and score points. The tournament always takes place on Sundays at 3 PM GMT+1. Each tournament match will give you a free level up at any level!

Release Timeline

We will be releasing new content gradually over the season using a dynamic level cap which unlocks two Dragon Ranks every day. We start with a level cap of 150 at May 8 we will start the dynamic level caps.


Master Your Class (PvE Competition)

Be the fastest in your class and reach the maximum Dragon Rank first. From each class, the first one to reach the maximum level wins one non-purchasable CS sets and one month premium and $50 in Dragon Coins. 

Within the 8 winners one will be drawn who has the chance to win a Cloak of Honor.

Upcoming Features

We will publish all upcoming features in the next few days, moreover, some of them will already be available on the main server in advance and can be tested.

Whats new on the server?

  • We added a lot of new content over the last months.
  • You can checkout our features when you click on features in the top menu

Do you still have questions?

  • Join our Discord Server and chat with us.
  • You can also contact us on facebook.


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