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Rise of Shenlong
Server Launch - June 28

Dragon Crusade Season 5 

The Season 5 Server will go online on January 1st 2 PM GMT+1. The biggest flyff tournament and a lot of custom content awaits you.

The season is expected to run for a fixed period of time as you can see in our release timeline down below. No characters or items will be lost after the season, instead all will be transferred to the main server. 

Flyff World Championship 2022

Every two years Dragon Crusade offers you the biggest Flyff tournament with a prize money of $4000 in Dragon Coins.

The tournament is spread over 6 matches during the season. The guild gets tournament points depending on the number of points achieved in Guild Siege. 

The prize money will be distributed to the guilds in Dragon Coins after the tournament. The exact dates of the tournament matches can be found below in the tournament schedule.

Dragon Rank Content Expansion

New Dragon Rank dungeons and level areas await you. Level up to Dragon Rank 90 and obtain one of the two forbidden Ultimate Dragon Cloaks.

EXP & Drop Adjustment

With this season we want to go back to the good old days. As requested by many, the leveling speed will be slowed down and the drop rates will be adjusted to the multidrop system.

Dungeon Group Finder

With this new system, you'll find a group in no time. If you manage to fill up the group you will get a higher drop chance.

Jester AOE Skill

Jester gets an AOE skill in season 5 with which you can hit and run leveling or clear dungeons.

Reworked Season Pass

With the new Season Pass we have made a new selection of items based on community feedback. Game-affecting items have been removed and new fashion items have been added.

Dungeon Difficulty Bonus

To make the dungeon difficulty system more attractive, there will be an even higher drop chance for the hard and hell difficulty levels.

Fashion Expansion 600+

The biggest expansion yet with over 600+ new fashion sets and weapon skins will be in the game starting this season. Big thanks to RiasGremory!

Crypto Item Trading

As the Season progresses, our newest system will become active. By means of Crypto Item Trading there will be a legal way to sell your items for real money.

We want to replace the existing black market and enable a market without fraud. To use the system you have to buy the cryptocurrency IOTA on a crypto exchange and transfer it to your ingame wallet.

Release Timeline

We will be releasing new content gradually over the season using level caps. This will allow the community to play closer together and create a healthier market in the game.

Flyff World Championship Plan

Points for the FWC 2022 tournament are awarded on fixed dates. To get points you have to participate in Guild Siege on that day and score points.

Master Your Class (PvE Competition)

Be the fastest in your class and reach the maximum Dragon Rank first. From each class, the first one to reach the maximum level wins one non-purchasable CS sets and one month premium and $50 in Dragon Coins. 

Within the 8 winners one will be drawn who has the chance to win a gaming set consisting of keyboard and mouse.

Upcoming Features

We will publish all upcoming features in the next few days, moreover, some of them will already be available on the main server in advance and can be tested.

Whats new on the server?

  • We added a lot of new content over the last months.
  • You can checkout our features when you click on features in the top menu

Do you still have questions?

  • Join our Discord Server and chat with us.
  • You can also contact us on facebook.


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