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Rise of Shenlong
Server Launch - June 28


Season 4 Awakening Of The Dragons

The Season 4 Server will go online on August 27th 6 PM GMT+2. Many new worlds are waiting to be discovered and a completely new game experience.

The season is expected to run until the community wants to merge it with the main server. No characters or items will be lost after the season, instead all will be transferred to the main server. Click read more.

Season Features

Get ready for the biggest update yet and dive into the versatile new dungeons and areas. You can expect an never before seen version of Flyff with many new things to discover. 

Boss Mechanics

All dungeons have been reworked with boss mechanics, with different mechanics where you have to dodge.

Dragon Rank Dungeons

Discover the ancient dungeons of the awakened dragons.

Dragon Rank Content Expansion

New Dragon Rank dungeons and level areas await you. Level up to Dragon Rank 80.

New Dragon Rank Gear

New weapons and armor sets await you in the Dragon Rank dungeons.

Individual Dungeon Drop

Everyone gets their individual drop on the ground in the dungeon. This increases the drop chance of the group up to 8x.

Weapon Stat Reroll

Weapons drop with random values and have to be rolled to get a better value. 

Season Pass

Level up your Season Pass with different activities on the server and unlock useful and cool items.

Quick Element Change

Change your element in no time with our new Quick Element System.

Player Lord Revision

Start Lord Events as a normal player. When the Lord Bank is above 2.5 billion at any time and otherwise at regular times. You can also use Lord buffs until the next Lord event.

Server Buffs + Anarchy Buffs

In Season 4, you can use Anarchy buffs and normal server buffs together to level even more effectively.

Top Supporter Rewards

Whoever spends the most Fashion Coins in the Fashion Store ingame will be crowned Top Supporter. The counting takes place every 14 days and the winners get different packs with unique items.

PvP Rumble Update

You can expect a new PvP Rumble Map and the automatic start of the Rumble.

Unique Novice Dungeons

Various small dungeons with quests and great beginner items await you.

Auto Power Up

Use it as a powerup inventory where you have the option to automatically trigger your powerups.

Offline Collectors

Simply collect without having the PC on.

Master Your Class (PvE Competition)

Be the fastest in your class and reach the maximum Dragon Rank first. From each class, the first one to reach the maximum level wins one of three non-purchasable CS sets, Wing Mask, Mount, one month premium and $50 in Dragon Coins. 

Within the 8 winners one will be drawn who has the chance to win a gaming set consisting of keyboard and mouse.


Upcoming Features

We will publish all upcoming features in the next few days, moreover, some of them will already be available on the main server in advance and can be tested.

Whats new on the server?

  • We added a lot of new content over the last months.
  • You can checkout our features when you click on features in the top menu

Do you still have questions?

  • Join our Discord Server and chat with us.
  • You can also contact us on facebook.


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