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Pet Guide

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Pet Guide

Getting A Pet

Pets hatch from Eggs, you are able to obtain an Egg from the [Pet Tamer].

First way to have a pet is to hatch an egg, you must go the the Pet Tamer and do his quest. You must either kill monster with your Egg to get its experience to 99.99% or use an Egg Hatcher obtainable from Grab Bag (Pet Accessories). Once this happens take your egg to a Pet Tamer NPC to get it hatched. A random Pet will hatch from the egg.

Types Of Pets

This beautiful unicorn is a great companion for your journey in Dragon Crusade. With this pet, you will gain extra Health Points.

Babari Lion
The king of the jungle is a powerful animal that you can tame. With this companion, you will gain extra Stamina.

White Tiger
The fierce tiger is a great partner for those who like to be up close and personal in battles. With this beast, you will gain extra Strength.

This cute rabbit is quick and great at performing difficult actions. With this furry friend, you will gain extra Dexterity.

Old Fox
To this day, we still don't know what sound it makes. With this mysterious partner, you will gain extra Intelligence.

The majestic griffin is a monster when it feels threatened. With this creature, you will gain extra Experience.

This ancient creature is a fierce beast to be wrecker with. With this mythical beast, you will gain extra Attack.

Leveling Your Pet

Click on your Pet and select Pet Status to view Pet information. Your pet will lose 1 point of HP per second while it is summoned. Feeding Pet Feed to your Pet regenerates 2 HP per 1 Pet Feed. Your pet will gain experience as you kill monsters, information which you can find below.

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