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How to get Start level items Level 15 - Level 105

1 month 3 weeks ago - 1 month 3 weeks ago #340 by CSharp
This guide is about how you can get items as quickly as possible.
The quests are coordinated depending on the class.

Example: Mercenaries. If you get Mercenary Equipment + Weapons / All this to +6.
The same goes for the other classes. This goes from level 15 - level 45 from level 60 you only get armour.

The dungeons are freely accessible to everyone, so you don't need a group.

And of course you also get start powerups. See pictures

Level 15 dungeon near Bangs

Level 30 dungeon near DumbBull

Level 45 dungeon near Basque

Level 60 dungeon near Crane Machinery

Level 75 dungeon near Hoppre

Level 90 dungeon near Antiquery / Horrible Rangda

Level 105 dungeon near Popcrank
In this quest you have to search for certain eggs that you can find in certain set dungeons.
Dragon Egg : 15 - 60 Set Dungeon
Hatched Egg : 75 - 105 Set Dungeon
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