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How to be a Dragon Crusade Streamer?

1 year 8 months ago - 1 year 8 months ago #315 by Jesline
For Facebook Streamers
• You need to have a Facebook page
• You need to have at least 200 followers on your page
• Contact DANI or GM Jesline on Discord and provide your streaming page
For Twitch Streamers
• You need to have at least 100 followers
• Contact DANI or GM Jesline on Discord and provide your twitch channel
For YouTube Streamers
• You need to have at least 100 subscribers
• Contact DANI or GM Jesline on Discord and provide your YouTube channel

What are your tasks as a Streamer?
• Share “Dragon Crusade” page and server information every time you go live
• Promote the server using different platforms (such as but not limited to Facebook pages, Facebook groups and etc.)

What are the benefits of a Streamer?
• The giveaways in your stream will be provided by the server
• A special reward will be given to streamers who will meet the criteria below
Rookie Streamer
Veteran Streamer
Elite Streamer
Pro Streamer
Master Streamer
Legendary Streamer
Total streaming hours per week
20 hrs
25 hrs
30 hrs
35 hrs
40 hrs
45 hrs +
Total no. of views per week
1,000 - 2,000
2,100 - 4,000
4,100 - 6000
6,100 - 8000
8,100 - 10,000
10,100 +
10k Dragon Chips + 100 Fashion Coins
15k Dragon Chips + 200 Fashion Coins
20k Dragon Chips + 300 Fashion Coins
30k Dragon Chips + 500 Fashion Coins
40k Dragon Chips + 700 Fashion Coins
50k Dragon Chips + 1000 Fashion Coins

Streamer Guidelines
• Post on “Streams and Videos” section on Discord whenever you go live so we can share your stream
• You will be given a chart where you can indicate the date, time and views of your stream that we will check.
• Here’s our default caption below that you will use on your livestream description
- Join Now: www.Dragon-Crusade.one
- Dragon Crusade Filipino Community: www.facebook.com/groups/630641864213447
- Discord Link: discordapp.com/invite/cXsVX9u
Server Features
⚔ 25 • 25 • 25 Server Rates
⚔ Low - Mid Rate Server
⚔ 500 + Daily Player Online
⚔ Daily Quest
⚔ Active Community
⚔ Hybrid Mounts
⚔ Classic and Custom Dungeons
⚔ Balance PvP
⚔ World Boss System
⚔ Achievement System
⚔ Dragon Rank System
⚔ Competitive Secret Room
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