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EXP Event Guide

2 years 2 months ago - 2 years 2 months ago #291 by Jesline
We all know that having an "EXP Boost" is a big advantage when it comes to leveling, that's why most of the players want EXP Events but how do this work? can we trigger one? how much can we spend?
This guide will show you different kinds of EXP Events feature we have in-game. As you may know, we have 3 different EXP Events that we can do in-game for the community that can help us in leveling faster.

1. Anarchy Events
A type of event that can boost your EXP for a cheap cost but with a lower percentage of EXP. This event not only can trigger an EXP Boost but also can provide other events that can help you with leveling.

Start> Extra > Anarchy Event

• Powerful Acceleration = 10% Speed
• Enchanted Force = 15 All Stat
• Glorious Tank = 5% HP
• Enhancement Experience = 10% EXP (additional 5% more EXP for the one who will trigger it)
• Temporal Attack = 5% Increase Attack
• Temporal Hitrate = 10% Hitrate
• Bonus Collector Timer = 20% Collector Time Reduction
• Powerful Pet = 20% Experience of the Pet

Note: The money for anarchy buffs will be automatically donated to the lord's bank.

2. Lord & Player Event
A type of event that both have almost the same power but different advantage to each other. Lord Event where you need to be the "Lord" to trigger a Lord EXP Event. As a Lord, you can trigger an event anytime you want from 5% to 50% EXP Event but also the cost will depend on how much percent you will trigger and you also have a "Lord Skill" that can provide EXP, damage and stats while Player Event is where normal players can trigger a "Lord Event" too but only on fixed times (get the link to player event time below). Player Event will also cost the one who triggers 20% of its own money and 80% from the Lord's Bank while Lord Event costs 100% of Lord's Bank money.

Here's the link for the player event time: dragon-crusade.one/index.php/forum/guide...-player-event-system

Note: Always check first the Lord"s Bank before triggering an event.

3. Server Buff
This is the highest way of boosting EXP but also you need a lot of money to do it. Like Anarchy event, this Server Buff not only provides EXP Event but also other events that can provide a big help on leveling.

Once you buy a Server Buff Coin, you can trigger it by opening the Server Buffs Window.

Start > Community > Server Buffs, after that just double click the Server Coin that you have in the window.

• Stat Coin = 10 All Stat
• Tank Coin = 15% HP
• Support Coin = 15% Cast Time
• Penya Coin = 10% Penya Rate
• Destroyer Coin = 15% PVE Damage
• EXP Worldbuff Coin = 100% EXP
• Dragon Rank Coin = 2.0x Dragon Rank EXP
• Weapon Level Coin = 1.5x Weapon Level EXP Rate

Note: None of this EXP Event can be stacked or trigger at the same time, whenever there's a different EXP Event ongoing, other types of EXP Event will be disabled but when a certain event has only 10 minutes left before it expires you can trigger a different type of EXP Event.
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