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Leveling Guide

2 years 3 months ago - 2 years 3 months ago #287 by Jesline
This guide will teach you how to level faster and smarter. Many players are wondering what way's they should do to reach a high level in no time. As you may know, this is a low-rate server and leveling will be one of the biggest challenges in here but doing certain techniques can give you a little boost on your goal. Here are some ways that you can do:

1. Buddy System
A leveling system where you can gain additional experience when you are together with 1 active player on your leveling zone.
• Both players should be active in killing a monster on the same spot.
• Both players should be near or in the range of each other (we increase the range)
• You can level with up to 3 people together and can get up to 30% more EXP (each active player gives 15% more EXP)

2. Gapper/ Leech
A method where you use a gapper/leech to level with. This is good for those players who don't have an active partner to level and still want to gain more experience in leveling. This method will give all the experience on your leveling character because the partner is a gap and won't gain any experience.
• You need level 1 char or any character that is a gap with your current level (it will be best if the character can fly or just use a "mount")
• Follow it with your leveling character.

3. Tanking
This method is good for those players who have already have high-level character or friends that can help them. This method will require you a tank and let your leveling character to kill all the monster.
• High-level character (a big level gap on your current leveling character)
• Combination of #2 method where you need a gapper/leech to level with.

Note: Tanker should not be at the party.

4. Leeching Method
This method is basically for those players who support, don't have enough items or strong enough to level, and have friends or known players that can level with them. This method will only require you to follow the leveler.
• You must have a maximum of 19 level gap on the leveler to get experience(e.g., A level 39 leveler and you as a level 20 leech)

Additional ways to level faster and get more experience:
a. Darkon & Khaldera Camp Quest - you need to get the quest from darkon or khaldera quest NPC and collect the quest item requirements and you will gain a big amount of experience.

b. Scroll of Amplification ES - A scroll that gives additional experience.
You can get it from the ff:
• Grab bag upgrade scrolls
• Red Chip Dealer
• Event Token Manager
• Vote Item Shop

c. Scroll of Experience (Dragon Rank) - A scroll that gives additional experience on Dragon Rank Level.
You can get it from the ff:
• Lucky Chest Power-Up (can be obtained on Dust Cave Dungeon Final Boss and from the treasure that will require you Dust Cave Key (Silver) to open it.
• Golden Treasure (from Dust Cave Dungeon and you will need a Dust Cave Key (Gold) to open it.
• PVP Rumble Shop
• Vote Item Shop

Note: You can stack up Scroll of Experience (Dragon Rank) two times and get a bonus up to 100% experience. Stack it up first before using the Scroll of Amplification ES.

d. Couple System - a system where you need to couple with other characters.
• Couple with another character (press O and find propose to the selected character. It doesn't matter if it's a male or female character)

• Level your couple by staying online on the same channel (press J to see your couple skills)

e. Griffin Cage - a pet with a custom effect that gives experience.

Note: Can give additional experience up to 15% when it's class S and perfect (1/3/5/7/9)

f. EXP Cloak or the Double Dragon Cloak - a cloak that gives an additional 10% experience.

Can be obtained by:
• Using collector chips and exchanging on collecting manager.
• Using event tokens and exchanging on event token manager in Flaris.
• PVP Treasure (where you need to summon and kill Illuminati Boss on arena)

g. Lord's & normal Cheer - a cheer which gives you an additional 10% experience. Lord's cheer can be obtained by the ruling Lord of the server while the normal cheer can be obtained by other characters that have been online at least 1hr.

Note: Press O to see how much normal cheer you have and the duration to have another cheer.
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