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In-Game Titles

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In-Game Titles

Master CollectorCollect 1,440 Times
EntrepreneurTrade 2,160 Times
Master HatcherHatch 100 Eggs
CasanovaCreate 100 Couples
Great CoupleHave Couple Level 21
Dreaful FellowHave 10 PVP Points
Dreaful FellowHave 5 PVP Points
Novice FighterHave 10 PVP Points
Apprentice FighterHave 100 PVP Points
Presistant FighterHave 1,000 PVP Points
Devoted FighterHave 4,000 PVP Points
Passionate FighterHave 10,000 PVP Points
Unyeilding FighterHave 20,000 PVP Points
Prizewinning FighterHave 50,000 PVP Points
Renowned FighterHave 1,000,000 PVP Points
Epic FighterHave 5,000,000 PVP Points
Champion FighterHave 100,000,000 PVP Points
Master KnightBe A Master Knight
Master BladeBe A Master Blade
Master JesterBe A Master Jester
Master RangerBe A Master Ranger
Master BillposterBe A Master Billposter
Master RingmasterBe A Master Ringmaster
Master PsykeeperBe A Master Psykeeper
Master ElementorBe A Master Elementor
Hero KnightBe A Hero Knight
Hero BladeBe A Hero Blade
Hero JesterBe A Hero Jester
Hero RangerBe A Hero Ranger
Hero BillposterBe A Hero Billposter
Hero RingmasterBe A Hero Ringmaster
Hero PsykeeperBe A Hero Psykeeper
Hero ElementorBe A Hero Elementor
LordBe The Current Lord
LordBe The Current Lord
Gray Pill AddictConsume 30,000 Gray Pills
Yellow Pill AddictConsume 30,000 Yellow Pills
Blue Pill AddictConsume 30,000 Blue Pills
Red Pill AddictConsume 30,000 Red Pills
Gold Pill AddictConsume 30,000 Gold Pills
Mysterious Pill AddictConsume 30,000 Mysterious Pills
Lollipop AddictConsume 200,000 Lollipops
Biscuit AddictConsume 200,000 Biscuits
Chocolate Bar AddictConsume 200,000 Chocolate Bars
Milk AddictConsume 200,000 Milks
Roll Bread AddictConsume 200,000 Roll Breads
Hot Dog AddictConsume 200,000 Hot Dogs
Pizza AddictConsume 200,000 Pizzas
Kimbap AddictConsume 200,000 Kimbaps
Chicken AddictConsume 200,000 Chickens
Star Candy AddictConsume 200,000 Star Candys
Meat Skewer AddictConsume 200,000 Meat Skewers
Barbecue AddictConsume 200000 Barbecues
Seafood Pan Cake AddictConsume 200,000 Seafood Pan Cakes
Fish Soup AddictConsume 200,000 Fish Soups
Sausage Casserole AddictConsume 200,000 Sausage Casseroles
Fish Stew AddictConsume 200,000 Fish Stews
Steamed Seafood AddictConsume 200,000 Steamed Seafoods
Meat Salad AddictConsume 200,000 Meat Salads
Gratin AddictConsume 200,000 Gratins
Seafood Pizza AddictConsume 200,000 Seafood Pizzas
Orange Juice AddictConsume 200,000 Orange Juices
Strawberry Shake AddictConsume 200,000 Strawberry Shakes
Pineapple Cone AddictConsume 200,000 Pineapple Cones
Banana Jujubar AddictConsume 200,000 Banana Jujubars
Fruit Juice AddictConsume 200,000 Fruit Juices
Fruit Icewater AddictConsume 200,000 Fruit Icewaters
Fruit Parfait AddictConsume 200,000 Fruit Parfaits
Fruit Sherbert AddictConsume 200,000 Fruit Sherberts
Icecream AddictConsume 200,000 Icecreams
Fruit Punch AddictConsume 200,000 Fruit Punchs
Aibatt HunterKill 15,000 Aibatt
Lawolf HunterKill 15,000 Lawolf
Cardpuppet HunterKill 15,000 Cardpuppet
Glaphan HunterKill 15,000 Glaphan
Meteonyker HunterKill 15,000 Meteonyker
Cyclops X HunterKill 15,000 Cyclops X
Yetti HunterKill 15,000 Yetti
Mutant Yetti HunterKill 15,000 Mutant Yetti
Augu HunterKill 15,000 Augu
Mutant AuguHunterKill 15,000 Mutant Augu
Ghostly Prince HunterKill 15,000 Ghostly Prince
Ghostly King HunterKill 15,000 Ghostly King
Mammoth HunterKill 15,000 Mammoth
Cannibal Mammoth HunterKill 15,000 Cannibal Mammoth
Kingster HunterKill 15,000 Kingster
Kragen HunterKill 15,000 Kragen
Crepper HunterKill 15,000 Crepper
Naga HunterKill 15,000 Naga
Atrox HunterKill 15,000 Atrox
Okean HunterKill 15,000 Okean
Tigar HunterKill 15,000 Tigar
Dorian HunterKill 15,000 Dorian
Meral HunterKill 15,000 Meral
Clockworks KillerKill 100 Clockworks
Red Dragon HunterKill 100 Meteonyker
Auraclaw HunterKill 15,000 Auraclaw
Stonestrike HunterKill 15,000 Stonestrike
Thunder Lizard HunterKill 15,000 Thunder Lizard
Angry Tumor HunterKill 15,000 Angry Tumor
Fogscream HunterKill 15,000 Fogscream
Ashbeast HunterKill 15,000 Ashbeast
Dawntooth HunterKill 15,000 Dawntooth
Hellstep HunterKill 15,000 Hellstep
Blightface HunterKill 15,000 Blightface
Living Fire HunterKill 15,000 Living Fire
Crimson KillerKill 100 Crimson
Retjack KillerKill 100 Retjack
Crystal Demon KillerKill 100 Crystal Demon
Fire Basilisk KillerKill 100 Fire Basilisk
Tramnuk FarmerKill 100 Beast Overlord Khan
Vampire KillerKill 100 Drakul the Diabolic
Aminus HunterKill 100 Dread Drakul the Diabolic
Devos KillerKill 100
Behemoth KillerKill 100 Behemoth
Kalgas KillerKill 100 Kalgas
DC Addict [Event Only]Kill 20 Baby Crimsons
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