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Winter Crusade Quest Guide

2 years 5 months ago - 2 years 5 months ago #274 by Jesline
Winter Crusade Quest Guide

This quest allows you to exchange your Dragon Ore and Dragon Map for a big amount of Dragon Chips where you can exchange it for rare items on [Dragon Chip Dealer] Jeff in Flaris but first, you need to follow this steps to do so.

Step !: Press V and Teleport on Winter Crusade Map

Step 2: Find [NPC] Fast kopfloser Nick and do the quest "Winter Crusade (1/2)" where you need to exchange
6 Dragon Ore's and 1 Dragon Map to get 2 pcs of Cursed Dragon Gold after that, get the quest "Winter Crusade (2/2)" to exchange your Cursed Dragon Gold for Dragon Chips

Step 3: Do the quest of Winter Crusade (2/2)

Step 4: Find the Cursed Dragon near Mammoth then press okay and you will get 3k Dragon Chips

Tip: Make a speed set or boost your speed to finish the quest fast.

Note: You can repeat the quest as long as you have enough Dragon Ore's and Dragon Map's
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