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How To Gain Penya?

2 years 5 months ago - 1 year 7 months ago #271 by Jesline

1. Arena Farming
This is the easiest thing to do to gain Penya for new-comers. You will only go to the center of the arena which drops random Penya which ranges 500k to 8m that depends on the number of players or how long before you get the Penya.

2. Giant or Boss Hunting
One of the fastest ways to gain Penya. You just need to rush your level up to 110-M to 115-M then after you do that stop your EXP (Press H), from there farm all the bosses of Khaldera Camp, Darkon Dessert & Darkon Glaphan. Khaldera Camp compose of 5 Bosses which gives 4 of them an 18m to 19m per boss and 1 for 11m to 13m Penya. Getting them all will give you approximately 90m with 4 Channels available (90m X 4 = 360m) if you get them all. Darkon Dessert & D. Glaphan will also give 5m to 10m per boss/giant.
• Why 110-M to 115-M?
You can do it at normal levels but doing it at the suggested level will not only make you faster to kill the monster. It will also make you safe from the boss damage (9k-12k boss crit damage). Also take note that the higher the level, the less Penya you get.
Note: Respawn time of boss/giants are different (not 100% accurate).
Channel 1 = 20 to 30 mins respawn time
Channel 2 to Channel 4 = 1hr + respawn time

3. Dekane Mines
This is a pretty easy dungeon where you can hunt sunstone, moonstone, and grab bags scroll. By doing 6 runs every day, you can at least get 300 to 400 moons per day as well as 30-50 grab bags. You can use and can sell moons for 200 to 500k each, sunstone for 100-200k each, and grabs for 1m each (it depends also on the demand and supply in-game). This map also randomly gives you a penya drop of 500k to 1m on mini-bosses and 3m to 28m on Final Boss. Dekane Mines also drop a very unique quest item (Ancient Sarcophagus Opener) that you will need for the higher-level dungeon where you can sell for 50 to 100m (still depends on the demand in-game) or just use it in the future.

4. Collecting Area
This is one of the easiest ways to do, you can gain penya even when you are sleeping or AFK. Make a collector character, it should be level 15 and above and buy a collector on Collector Manager Collins for 1m, after that upgrade your collector into +5 using moonstone and get batteries (you can purchase on vote shop, dragon chip dealer or get some on boxes) and then your good to go, just collect on channel 4 for the non-premium user. Sell premiums like FLY, FITA for 50 to 100k each and Upcut Stone for 1m to 1.5m each. Most importantly you can also get a collector chip (in-demand on market) which you can sell for 170 to 200k each.

5. Animus Boxes
A method that will require you to enter the Animuskrypta and Cursed Animus Dungeon, but not to kill the boss but to get the treasures inside. Both dungeons have 4 Treasure where you can find the exact location on Google. You just need to get the treasure every runs which contains a very useful item that can be sold for a good price. Treasures contain A cards, 7% Card, Remantis, Sunstone, Moonstone, Shining Oricalcum, and many more. Remantis can be sold for 500k to 1m each while A cards and 7% cards price are 50m to 700m.

6. Dragon Ores & Dragon Maps
This quest item will make you get dragon chips. Dragon ores and dragon maps can be obtained by doing daily dungeons and daily quests. 6 Dragon ores and 1 dragon map can be exchanged on Winter Crusade (Azria Map) Quest near Forgotten King, you will get 2 Cursed Dragon Gold, that you can exchange for 3k Dragon Chips on NPC near Mountains of the mammoth. 1k Dragon Chips or 1 Dragon Perin can be sold for 25-35m each.

7. Meteonyker Hunting
This method will require a decent gear. Meteonyker has 3 kinds (red, blue and green). Each kind of Meteonyker can be killed 5 times which gives Bloody sets, bloody weapons and +20 normal accessories not only it gives 7m to 11m Penya per kill, it also gives you NPC weapons where you can sold for 1m to 2m each on any NPC. In this dungeon, you can get at least 300m to 350m per day added to the Penya you will get on selling rare parts, weapons and accessories.

8. World Boss Hunting
A method that will require you to hunt 7 kinds of world bosses. Each world boss has 10 locations around Madrigal, the higher the level the stronger the world boss is. World boss drops remantis and Dragon Balls which you can sell for 100m to 150m each. Take note that each world boss has a respawn time of 24hours (not 100% accurate) and change location when it's not been killed every 1hr.
List of Location:
• Darkon 1 to 3
• Darkon Dessert/ Darkon Glaphan
• Khaldera Camp
•Valley of Risen
• Elliun City
• Bahara Dessert
• Crystal Labyrinth
• Fire Land
• Crystal Demon

8. Dragon Island Farming
A special map that focuses on farming. It has a higher rate of moonstone, sunstone, Dragon Chips, Dragon Crystal, Grab bag scrolls, and a rainbow flower ( a quest item that gives more experience on guild leveling) which you can sell for 200k to 500k each.

9. Weapon Dust
This will make your un-used or stocks of Ultimate Weapon that can't be sold use-full. You can exchange your Ultimate Weapon on the City of Gods for weapon dust which you can sell on NPC for 1m each.

Note: Weapon dust pieces varies on the level, gear score, and upgrade of the ultimate weapon

10. Donate Points
This is one of the easiest you can do to gain Penya very fast. Donate Points can be sold for a decent price of 50m every 100 Points.

Note: This method is only one of the many ways to gain Penya in-game primarily for newbies. If there is any method that you want to add, kindly message me. Prices of items still depend on the demand and supply in-game. Thank you and Goodluck!
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