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Rainbow Race Guide

2 years 5 months ago - 2 years 5 months ago #270 by Jesline
Rainbow Race Guide

The Rainbow Race is an event that occurs three times a week, happening every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. During the race, flyffers must soar across the continent to win the race. However, the speed of character/vehicle is not the only factor for winning. They must also complete 7 mini-games in random order to finish the race. Each mini-game will be provided by Rainbow Race Spirits NPCs (With Designated Color) scattered all over the world of Madrigal.

How to Apply

• Go to Channel 1. (You have to be on Channel 1 to play the game)
• Go to Darkon City near the bank, there's an NPC Called Rainbow Race Officer.
• Click on NPC [Rainbow Race Officer] & Click on Apply for the Rainbow Race.
• You should have 1,000,000 Penya & any flying vehicle in your inventory.


Rainbow Race Event is held on Channel 1, 3 times a week.
Application Opens
12:00PM (UCT+2)
12:00PM (UCT+2)
Application End
2:00PM (UTC+2)
2:00PM (UTC+2)
Rainbow Race Start
2:00 AM (UTC+2)
2:40PM (UTC+2)
4:40PM (UTC+2)

Rules and Guidelines

1. The Rainbow Race only takes place on Channel 1.
2. Being online on Channel 1 is important because you will be disqualified if the race starts and you are not online.
3. You also will be disqualified, If your client Crash/Freeze Or your Network disconnects you.
4. Once the event has begun, an icon appears at the bottom of the navigator. You can check the status/details of the race by clicking it.
5. The highlighted mini game is where YOU start. Each mini game highlights in its color. Green for Green's mini-game, Red for Red's mini-game and so on and so forth.
6. After completing the 7 mini games, the characters should go back to the NPC [Rainbow Race Officer] in Darken and press ‘Confirm Completion of the Rainbow Race’.
7. The items listed below cannot be used during the race.

• Tickets
• Blink-wings
• Instant Teleport
• Lord Skill

Seven Mini-games

1. Rock-Paper-Scissors [Red]
Goal: Win 3 consecutive rounds of Kawi Bawi Bo (Rock Paper Scissors)
2. Lucky Roller [Orange]
Goal: Roll the dice until the total equals the NPCs roll
3. Anything but Math [Yellow]
Goal: Solve 5 consecutive math equations
4. Stopwatch [Green]
Goal: Press the stop button within .03 seconds of the time given by NPC
5. Typo [Blue]
Goal: Type the exact letters and numbers given by the NPC
6. Concentration [Indigo]
Goal: Match all the Masquerpets to win
7. Drop the Ball [Violet]
Goal: Predict the winning hole.


1. Penya Rewards by percentage.
• 1st Place______50% of total application fees.
• 2nd Place_____24% of total application fees.
• 3rd Place_____12% of total application fees.
• 4th Place______6% of total application fees.
• 5th Place______3% of total application fees.
2. Item Rewards by completing Mini-Games.
• 1st Mini-Game____Nothing
• 2nd Mini-Game___Nothing
• 3rd Mini-Game ___Nothing
• 4th Mini-Game ___Fireshower
• 5th Mini-Game ___1 Rainbow Box
• 6th Mini-Game ___2 Rainbow Box
• 7th Mini-Game ___4 Rainbow Box

Note: Penya reward will gradually increase up to 1b every Sunday if there are 25 player applicants.

Rainbow Boxes

Each Rainbow Box has a chance to give one of the following items.
• Lucky Donate Treasure (check Item Wiki to see what’s inside)
• Mysterious Pill
• Scroll of Amplification ES(Event)
• Event Token
• Purple Cotton Candy
• Blue Cotton Candy
• Green Cotton Candy
• Red Cotton Candy
• Sky-Blue Cotton Candy
• Pink Cotton Candy
• Yellow Cotton Candy
• White Cotton Candy
• Gray Cotton Candy
• Orange Cotton Candy
• Aibatt Trans
• Nyang Nyang Trans
• Firecracker box
• Moonstone
• Sunstone
• 1 Day Extra Bag
• Copper Battery (1 day)
• 1 Day Full-shout

Note: All items are rewarded to everyone who finished at least 4 of any of the games even if you're the last to finish the race. All Rainbow Boxes are Event Reward, so it cannot be traded. However; the items you get from Rainbow Boxes are trade-able. There will be some changes in the prizes in the future
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2 years 5 months ago #273 by DANI
Wow, thanks for this great guide!

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