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Server Rules

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The player is obliged to inform himself regularly about the actuality of the rules. Thus a player can be punished even if he does not know a rule for an offence.
By registering an account on this server, the player automatically accepts all current and, to a limited extent, all subsequent rules.
The player is therefore obliged to act in accordance with the rules on the one hand and to report violations of the rules on the other.


In principle, we strive for a peaceful and respectful community. This means that we want to do without punishment as much as possible and apply it only as a last step.
The sanctions we impose on individual players or groups of players are always justified and adapted to the severity of the offence.
Possible penalties are: Temporary/permanent chat deactivation, expelling, temporary/permanent exclusion.
During the punishment, all claims to the account and anything related to it will automatically expire.

Account ownership

All accounts and their contents are the property of the server.
For this reason, we reserve the right to temporarily take over a user's account and check it for suspicion if there is a reasonable suspicion of a breach of the rules.


We wish for a friendly, social interaction between the players on our server.
It is therefore not permitted to harass, denounce, expose, threaten, spam or disseminate psychological/physical violence or the like - regardless of whether via in-game chat, forum or various VoIP services.
Sharing or posting images, videos or links to pornographic, violent, cruel or harmful content within the social channels managed by Dragon Crusade (in-game, forum, Facebook, Discord Server, Twitter, etc.) is prohibited. Any in-game global shouts seemed to be unrelated directly to the game or abused may result in a mute.

Article Refund

In general, no items will be refunded if the player is responsible for the loss of the items. This means that items will not be refunded in the following cases: Fraud

through trading/exchange and the like
Article accidentally deleted / (sold at the wrong price)
Missing scrolls (e.g. Scroll of SProtect) caused the object to be destroyed.
One wrong item was recycled.
In a combination system, an incorrect position was used.
Loss due to ingame post
object was in guild repository
Compromised account
Furthermore we are not liable for problems with the server, which are not caused by our own fault. This concerns:

Rollbacks/Server crashes
(Connection) problems caused by the provider

Team members

Just towards team members is a polite, objective and above all honest behavior appropriate, so that you can be helped quickly.
In addition, we reserve the right to punish degrading behavior towards the server administration and the way it manages the project with prohibitions.
Don't personally use the help you offer with the excuse of meeting a team member.
Do not bother a team member with item and/or penya requests; only the question about it can be punished under certain

Game scam

The player is obliged to check in advance any exchange and/or trade he makes with another player. If it is a fraud of the trading partner, this is done through your own negligence and therefore at your own risk - they are ultimately your items, so that regular trading is the responsibility of the players.
In accordance with the above article, no refunds will be made in such cases of fraud.

Game Integrity Infringement

Use or distribution of any hack/hacking programs
General attempt to defraud
Impersonation of a GM or Admin
Circulating false information
Deliberate abuse of game bugs
Unauthorized Account Access
AFK leveling/farming


Penalties will depend on the number of times an offense is made. It will also depend on its severity.

Account sharing

You can share your account with other players at your own risk.
If your account is damaged by a co-user, we will not refund the damage. This applies to items as well as donation points.
sale of donation points, items and accounts
It is forbidden to sell or exchange an account, items, donation points or other virtual property to third parties.

Real Money Trading

Will be punished with a ban from all accounts.
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