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Game Master Rules, Responsibilities and Duties

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What is a Game Master?
A Game Master (GM; also known as a game master, game manager, a game moderator or referee) is a person who acts as an organizer, officiates for regarding rules, arbitrator, and moderator for a multiplayer role-playing game

What is the duty of a Game Master?
• Assist in planning and facilitating gaming events.
• Ensure player satisfaction by responding timely and accurately to the player’s complaints and disputes.
• Provide support to players on game-related queries.
• Conduct quality assurance assessment of game products to ensure product quality and service.
• Perform investigation and documentation of game exploits, bugs, and similar other issues pertaining to the online gaming world.
• Assist in creating, planning and implementing innovative games.
• Ensure all players adhere to gaming rules and regulations.
• Coordinate with different teams to achieve milestones within deadlines.
• Manage gaming operations and report game status to management on a daily basis.
• Analyze feedback and suggestions from players for continuous improvements of the game.
• Evaluate game processes and procedures and recommend improvements.
• Manage game messaging and gaming forums to attract more players.
• Perform server testing and hack testing of gaming products.
• Monitor disturbances and imbalances during games and provide corrective solutions.

Game Master Powers (Scope & Limitation)
A Game Master has unique power in-game but exclusive only for their GM Character.
Here a list of what a GM can or can't do in-game:
• A GM can teleport fast on different maps
• A GM can use server shout
• A GM can use invisibility
• A GM can summon a player or teleport to a player
• A GM can't trade or use mailbox
• A GM can't create any in-game item
• A GM can't summon any monster

Game Master Rules & Regulation
Punishment Rules
The following is a list of the actions that will typically occur against an account that is found breaking the game rules. Should a severe infraction occur, several of these actions may be used.
A. Warning
A warning is typically used when players lightly disobey the game rules, or unintentionally break the rules.
B. Muted Chat
The Character is unable to speak on any of the chat channels, as well as to other players. The mute must either end at the time appointed by the GM or must be ended by a GM.
C. Suspended
Players will be forced offline and will be unable to login until the ban time expires or until a GM lifts the ban. In the case of permanent bans, players will never be able to login to the game.
D. Temporary/Permanent Ban
Players found in severe or repeated violation of the rules will have their accounts suspended from being able to log in to the game or official website.
E. Character Deletion
In severe or repeated cases, characters found in violation of our rules will have their characters deleted, with the record unable to ever be recovered.
Delete the character records of players who violate rules and these players' characters will never appear in the game again.
F. Legal Action
if a player's inappropriate behavior is found to damage the game or the interests of other players, proper legal authorities will be contacted. Players found in violation of the law will be reported to the proper authorities.

Harassment Prevention Guidelines
1. Impersonating system announcements/GM staff
Players found to be imitating GMs or the system to release or spread false information to other players will be punished based on the severity of the situation. These punishments can include temporary or permanent isolation, suspended, or even an account freeze.
2. Uncivil Behavior
Players whose behavior is out of line like insulting a GM may be muted, suspended, or permanent ban.
3. False Report
Players found spreading rumors or issues about a certain GM with no concrete evidence could result in being a muted, suspended, or permanent ban.
4. Harassing a GM/Staff
The following actions are punishable if found occurring:
• asking a GM for items, including anything in-game.
• Flaming a GM
• Disrespecting a GM
• Repeated requests to GMs about previously solved issues.
The punishments can consist of a warning, muted chat, temporary or permanent ban, suspended, or an account freeze.

Characters that disobey the Game Rules and Regulations will be punished according to the above rules. These regulations are not limited by language, meaning that if you break a rule in any foreign language, it is still considered rule-breaking, and you will still be punished. The admin reserves the right to change these rules at any time and also reserves the right to regulate their games. All rules are subject to the law.
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