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Patch 4.1.8

3 years 2 months ago #140 by DANI
#Patchnotes 09.07.2019

- Add summer event.
- Fix skin knuckle v13 model.
- Increase Templar AOE skill damage in Fireland
- [God of Death] Ankou drop rate increased (a bit)
- Behemoth's Staff and Ancient Staff basic attack changed
- Shiny Behemoth Crossbow basic attack increased
- Fire Land monster damage reduced
- Decrease charged arrow dmg bonus.
- Dragon Cloak Quests items can be properly removed again.
- Behemoth's Two-Handed Axe effects adjusted.
- Seraph damage fixed.
- Baby Pikachu, Baby Shiggy, Baby Glumanda and Baby Mew get new Icon.

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