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Patch 4.1.6

4 years 5 months ago - 4 years 5 months ago #98 by DANI

#Patchnotes 26.06.2019

- Add Dragon Rank system.
- Disable exp boxes for > lv. 145.
- Reduce ancient weapon damage after DR. 25
- Add options menu for RM aggro and hide shops (Start -> System -> Option)
- Add basic client crash reporter.
- Fix hotkey issue.
- Change GM notice style.
- Add shout spam limit.
- Check autoshout for spam.
- Fix pet cooldown.
- Fix model change issue (Remove model text)
- Fix GM client crash.
- Fix bot detection.
- Update hide player text.
- Fix cookbook crash.
- Fix meteo shout from other players.
- Fix charged arrow missing hit.
- Fix CW arena (no walk zone).
- Add missing housing textures.
- Red, Blue, Green Meteonyker penya rate 10% increased
- Shiny Behemoth droprate slightly adjusted
- Some quest descriptions fixed
- Razor Axe-Jaw Ant Penya rate fixed
- Ultimate Vaccum piece droprate decreased (25%)
- max collector text fixed
- Item wiki bug fixed (french client)
- Fire Basilisk damage and hp increased
- [Lord Of Fire] Crimson damage and hp increased
- some monster animations fixed
- Dragon Rank rewards changed
- Dragon Rank Skills cooldown fixed
- Melee and Range blockrate update
- Behemoth's Two-Handed Sword/Axe effects adjusted
- Shiny Behemoth's Two-Handed Sword/Axe effects adjusted
- Bloody Dragon Two-Handed Sword/Axe effects adjusted
- Behemoth's Shield effects adjusted
- Shiny Behemoth's Shield effects adjusted
- Ultimate Tank jewelry set effects adjusted

In order to achieve your Dragon Rank, kill one monster in Bahara Desert. To gain experience in Fire Land, you must obtain the Dragon Rank after reaching level 150. Monsters you kill in this area must have the maximum rank difference of 15 to gain experience; alongside this, the monsters at your rank level will deal less damage than monsters of higher ranks.
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