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Patch 4.1.3

4 years 3 months ago - 4 years 3 months ago #82 by DANI
#Patchnotes 14.06.2019

- Add fast game loading.
- Add missing dungeons on dungeon ranking.
- Add change guild logo.
- Fix charged arrow ( Ranger & Psykeeper )
- Fix "Clear Post" button if your inventory is full.
- Fix some crashes.
- Fix DPS meter.
- Fix quest window color.
- Remove Ringmaster aggro in madrigal.
- Remove item log spam (drop list lag).
- Disable PK in madrigal.
- Add multi channel shout for premium.
- Guild rejoin text fixed (12hours)
- Giant Core name changed to Giant Kern
- Nanemvis Set (M/F) is now better than Shurian Set (M/F)
- Lipinn Set (M/F) is now better than Nanemvis Set (M/F)
- Event Token Exchanger added
- Shiny Orikalcum Exchanger text fixed.
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