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Dragon Rank 80 Expansion

1 year 4 months ago #373 by DANI

Dragon Rank 80 Content Expansion
The new level cap of Dragon Rank 80 will be unlocked on February 3, 2023 6:00 PM. @everyone

February Vote Event - 2x Vote Points!
We are excited to announce our upcoming vote event,
which will take place from now until Sunday, February 12, 2023 11:59 PM.

During this event, you will earn 2x the usual amount of vote points for each vote you cast.
This is your chance to help get our server to the top of the rankings on GTop100!

• If we are able to reach the top 10, we will hold a full day exp and drop event as a reward.
• If we are able to reach the top 5, we will hold a two day exp and drop event as a reward.

Let's work together to climb the ranks and reach the top!

Dragon Rank 80 Update
• Ice Wing Dungeon.
• Hallscape of Dragons Dungeon.
• Fixed Penya Pets.
• Increased EXP Rate +25% (Guardian Nerf Compensation)
• Improved EXP for AOE classes (normal DR monsters)
• No Buff Whiteliste in the PvP Arena.
• Fixed Wing Mask issues.
• Added Animated Wing Masks and Animated Weapons to Donate Store. (Ghostmare)
• Blue Floor will be changed to PvE and added to Donate and Rumble.

Work in Progress
• Arcanist PvP/PvE improvements.
• Lord Drop Events while other events are running.
• More Player Lord Times.
• Dragon Rank Buffs to 1 hour.
• Dragon Rank Buffs as NPC Selfbuff.
• Inventory Space/Item Stack improvements.
• Team based PvP Rumble.

Season 7 Tournament - Match 5 February 5, 2023 3:00 PM.
• Match 5 Points: 600 | Starts in 3 days
• The guild gets tournament points depending on the number of points achieved in Guild Siege.
• The prize money will be distributed to the guilds in Dragon Coins after the tournament.
• The exact dates of the tournament matches can be found in the tournament schedule.
• Each tournament match will give you a FREE LEVEL UP at any level or rank + EXP Buff + Guild Points!

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