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Dragon Rank 50 Expansion

1 year 11 months ago #359 by DANI

**Dragon Rank 50 Content Expansion**
Friday at 6 PM GMT+2 the new level cap of Dragon Rank 50 will be unlocked. @everyone

**Level Cap 50 Update**
• Crystal Labyrinth Set Exchanger NPC (Unlock the set via Achievement).
• Weapon Dust Penya Reward System (Get Penya by creating Weapon Dust).
• Lord Buff Cooldown decreased.
• Buffpet Buff System (Max Buffs with Season Pass + Player Level 150)

**Tournament Match 4**
The tournament match will be held on Sunday, 24 July at 3 PM GMT+2.

100 Points = 1800 Donate Coins (Ingame)

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