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Patch 8.1.0 - Siege & Clash Times

1 year 9 months ago #351 by DANI

#Patch 8.1.0 | 9 February 2022 @everyone

FWC 2022 Tournament
• Tournament days moved from Fridays to Sundays.
• The tournament will be on Sundays at 3PM UTC+1
• The last matches will be the most rewarding.
• Also new guilds can join any time for the tournament.

PvP Arena
• Illuminati boss can instantly be triggered once a day.
• Fight each other in the arena to trigger the boss.
• As before you can trigger the boss multiple times with a chance.

Guild Siege
• Add second siege a day for our Philippine players.
• The second siege will be at 3PM UTC+1/10PM UTC+8 (Mo-Fr)
• Get self buffed works now while in siege.
• Increase min. guild level to 20.

Monster Clash
• Add additional times for PH players.
• The second clash will be at 12PM UTC+1/7PM UTC+8

Dragon Cloak Quest
• Add some parts as party quest.
• Do the quests together with your party.
• If they kill a boss you will complete the quest too.
• Stay close to your party members.

• Update premium guide for lifetime premium.
• Fixed premium stacking for lifetime premium.
• Fixed fast relog.

Dust Cave
• Reduced boss HP.
• Increased drop rate.
• More eggs and changed quest for multi drops (Party).

Dekane Mine
• More eggs for multiple users.
• Updated quest for party's.
• Increase drop rate.

Aqueduct Dungeon
• Item Piece drop rate increased.

Secret Room
• Fixed teleport crash.
• Reduced dungeon mechanics.

Dungeon Mechanics
• Keep mechanics visible in dungeons with many sfx effects.

PvP Rumble
• Fixed info message spam bug.

Auto Move Into Bag
• Fixed disappearing items when full.

Crypto Item Trading
• Fixed calculation for item prices.

PvE Balance
• Increased Ringmaster dragon rank AOE dmg.

Dragon Rank
• Guardian block rate adjusted.
• Giant Penya and drop increased
• Fixed monster names new DR area.

• Fixed Valentine's Balloon Texture.
• Dragon Cloak Models removed from the store.
• Templar Pull Skill animation changed.

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