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Patch 8.0 - Dungeon Group Finder

1 year 8 months ago - 1 year 8 months ago #349 by DANI

#Patch 8.0.0 | 14 January 2022

Dungeon Group Finder
• An easy way to find a dungeon group.
• Automated group search while leveling.
• Up to 50% more drop chance by using the finder.
• Start->Feature->Dungeon Group Finder.

Dungeon Drop Rate Info
• New Drop Rate Info message when you kill a boss.
• Shows the drop rate + dungeon difficutly and dungeon finder bonus.

Dragon Rank 15 Level Cap
• Special Level Cap of Dragon Rank 15.
• Starts 14 January 9PM GMT+1

• Premium scrolls are now stackable.

Donate Store
• Pets will be transfered to your wardrobe.

Weapon ReRoll
• Added reroll menu to BoBoChan NPC.

PvE Balance
• Increased Jester AOE dmg.

Bug Fixes
• Reduce SR mechanic SFX.
• Add SR posi bug fix.
• Add legacy buff rendering for amd gpu's.
• Fix binded egg achievement.
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