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Patch 7.1.2 - Templar Skill

1 year 6 months ago - 1 year 6 months ago #342 by DANI

#Patch 7.1.2 | 20 May 2021

• Charge Templar skill changed to Pull Charge -> new pull skill for better aoe leveling

• made dragoncloak quest angels undeleteable
• added new Event quest boxes
• added new Event quests
• adjusted dayliquest
• fix quest teleport
• update quest exclude / update error msg

• increased min lord vote level to 130

Mounts / Models
• fix mount bug
• add new masks for upcumming patches
• add New CS Sets for upcumming patches
• add Megumin CS Set for upcumming patches
• add Yoshino CS Set for upcumming patches
• new icons for cs sets added

• switched wrong monster from Monsterclash
• Sunday monster clash switched to 2pm gmt+2
• fix clash relog teleport

Dungeon / Monster
• added Dr level 25 to Fire Basilisk
• send party dungeon mode on join
• add boss room teleport delay
• changed dekane monster quest (monster to kill)

Secret Room
• Sunday SR switched to 4pm gmt+2

Fashion Store
• added scroll of old new glow to Fashion store shop

Offline Collector
• fix multi offline collect
• improved offline collector checks
• Add offline collector check (no item fix)

Intern fixes
• Update vote window UI
• Update powerup UI
• add disable refill in auto power up for non premium
• IDs fix for skin wand/ changed stick ik
• IDs fix mew tail cloak
• changed sys for mewtail cloack
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