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Patch 6.2.1 - Secret Room

1 year 5 months ago - 1 year 5 months ago #323 by DANI

#Patch 6.2.1 | 18 February 2021

Secret Room
• Moved SR NPC to Channel 3.
• New stage teleportation logic. (Based on the Lineup order).
• Message after each cleaned stage.
• Stage teleport, even if you have left and re-entered.
• Continues to run despite the loss of a guild leader.
• Adjusted SR Monster spawns (More but slower spawns).

Monster Guild Clash
• Reduced Clockworks DMG by 80%(~50k).
• Increased HP to 1.5B.

Fashion Store
• New saving method for improved server performance.
• Added Worldbuffbox to Fashionstore.

• Fix Terminator Sunglasses description.
• Added new animated hats.

• New saving method for improved server performance.
• Increased Weapon Dust rewards for completed dungeons.
• Added more Quest achievements.

• Added more possibility's to Card Exchanger.

• Increased speed for new mounts.

• Fixed EXP for DR 60-61.
• Fixed Alext M set effects.
• Fixed Event event dates.
• Fixed vote buff desc.
• Fixed dark illu with pets.
• Fixed some client crashes.
• Improved general upgrade rate (since 07.02.21)
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