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Patch 4.8.1

1 year 5 months ago - 1 year 5 months ago #304 by DANI

#Patch 4.8.1 | 1 August 2020

Dungeon Ranking
• Reset Dungeon Ranking.
• Fix dungeon time calculation.
• Add missing dungeons.

Vote System
• Update vote buff calculation.
• The system should work now as intended.
• Which buff it will be is decided at 6 PM GMT+2.

Guild Siege Times
• Wednesday siege time changed to 7:30 pm GMT+2.

Fashion Store
• Add trasmutation unbind for non premium.
• Transmute again to unbind the item.

Weapon Dust
• Increase weapon dust selling price by 50%.

PvE Balance
• Increase BP AOE by 2.5x in Fireland.

Kill Counter Shop
• Shop will stay open after purchase.
• Number of kills will be updated after purchase.

PvP Rumble
• Fix siege point saving.

• Improve PK teleport.
• Fix invisible target info bug.
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