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Patch 4.7.1

2 years 5 months ago #269 by DANI

#Patch 4.7.1 | 18 April 2020

Discord Integration System:
• Shows your character information in discord.
• Shows for how long you played to other discord users.
• Discord detects Dragon Crusade now correctly.
• Special thanks to @Graphicscore#4522

Extended Messenger System:
• Chat with your party members.
• Chat with your guild members.
• Update UI of the messenger window.
• Manage your party and guild.

Dungeon DPS Meter System:
• Shows current damage and total damage.
• Shows your damage compared to other players.
• Shows the damage of all damage dealers.
• Update old DPS Meter UI for normal monsters.

Dungeon Stage Info System:
• Shows a list of all bosses.
• Shows the current stage of the dungeon.
• Shows how many players are in the dungeon.

Rainbow Race System:
• New rewards with donate items.
• Jackpot of up to 1 Billion on Sunday.
• New Times: (Sat 2AM, Sat 2PM, Sun 5PM UTC+2)

Dungeons and Drops:
• Reduce GearScore requirements (-5%).
• [Lord]Hazardous Baphomet damage decreased (10%).
• Diamond Necklaces effects adjusted.
• Dragon Rank 50-55 level up gifts added.
• Baphomet Bonus Buff added (EXP).
• Fix Ancient Castle (works now on all Channels).
• Increase selling price of weapon dust to 100k each.

• Remove PK level reward from winter crusade quest.
• Update tram boss names.
• Add SFX crash check.
• Add position display to world map(M).
• Add move window system (no game freeze).
• Add user message on failed fast diamond.
• Add a few new items to the fashion store.
• Improve game client performance.
• Fix resolution taskbar bug.
• Fix upgrade refill crash.
• Fix char. delete/create.
• Fix AOE client crash (SFX array).
• Fix client crash in teleporter.
• Fix fast diamond crash and improve error message
• Fix 64bit guild message crash.

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