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Patch 4.6.1

3 years 6 months ago #267 by DANI
#Patch 4.6.1 | 24 February 2020

Crimson Cave:
• Fix HP Hard/Hell scaling.
• [Lord] Smoke Crocodile element changed to fire.
• [Lord] Nightmare King element changed to fire.
• [Lord] Auramorph element changed to water.
• Smoke Demon namechanged to [Lord] Smoke Crocodile.
• [Lord Of Fire] Crimson HP rate reduced.

Basilisk Rain-Forest:
• Fire Basilisk HP rate reduced.

Virus Event:
• Virus spawns increased.
• Bacterium penya rate reduced.

Bow Attacks:
• Update arrow hit fix.

Dungeon Boss Count Message:
• Shows how many bosses need to be killed.

Game Client:
• Dynamic windows size (height).
• You can change the game window height to any value.
• In your game folder -> DragonCrusade.ini

Game Options:
• Fix Hide Shops option.

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