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Patch 4.4.4

3 years 9 months ago #256 by DANI
#Patch 4.4.4 | 13 December 2019

- Bad Santa World boss respawn time reduced. (12h)
- Bad Santa World Boss spawns now only on channel 1.
- Red Socks can no longer be packed into the guild bank.
- Bad Santa block rate and magic def increased.

- Increase RM AOE DMG by 25% in Fireland.

- Fix logout time for premium
- Fix Dungeon Record Book (times are now correct).
- Fix negative DEF in Record Book.
- Fix transy abuse in PvP and dungeons.
- Fix dungeon client crash.
- Fix old/new glow display.
- Fix Twinkle Stone (Item) can be removed from your glyph slot.
- Fix Bad Santa shout when killed.

Kill Counter Shop:
- Changed Perin price to 150 player kills.
- Changed Dragon Perin price to 100 player kills.

- Add diamond necklace and Dragon Token to crystal demon.
- Add Dragon Token to Crimson Cave.

Guild Siege:
- Add new time on Thursday 11:00 PM UTC+1.
- Add new time on Friday 05:30 PM UTC+1.
- Add new time on Sunday 12:00 PM UTC+1 (afternoon).
- Reduce Red Chip gain a bit (because of the new times).

- Reset World Record Book.
- Reset Dungeon Record Book.
- Increase PvP Rumble GW Points from 10 to 25.
- Increase weekly GW point loss to 200.
- Update german UI text.
- Update party dungeon mode UI.
- Update record book UI.
- Update twitch teleport (force teleport after 600sec.).
- Add Dragon Token exchanger to Drago in Flaris.
- Add drop chance text (Party Window).

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