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Patch 4.3.7

4 years 3 months ago #241 by DANI
#Patch-Notes 31 October 2019

- Fix world boss system (Bow dmg bug).
- Fix client crash.
- Fix shadow settings bug.
- Fix negative guild war points.

#Patch-Notes 6 November 2019

- Fix weapon level scroll text.
- Fix daily quest crash.
- Reduce angel EXP deduction to 10%. (Dragon Rank)
- Update website game installer.
- Update twitch interval.
- Add error log for daily quests. (We are still working on a fix)
- Add pvp rumble abuse check.
- Lucky Box Panda Beads (x1,x5,x15) added
- Safe Weapon Level-Up Scrolls are no more tradeable
- The way to the Dragon Dungeon! Part 1 adjusted: kill [General] Razgul changed to kill Basilisk of the Great Maw.
- Crimson Cave EXP fixed.
- [Questitem]Painit and [Questitem]Palladium description changed.

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