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Patch 4.3.5

3 years 3 months ago #236 by DANI
#Patch-Notes 25 October 2019

Promo-Affiliate System:
- Invite your friends and followers.
- Get 5% of their donate coins (Dragon Coins).
- Get a power-up box (Promo Box (Affiliate)).
- They will get a beginner box. (Promo Box (Beginner)).
- Youtubers and other influencer can get a payout of the dragon coins.

Daily Quest System:
- Get a different quest every day.
- The quest will adjust to your level.
- Reward: Daily Quest Box (lvl 30-150).

- Dragon Rank leveling is now easier even without events.
- Enable daily quest system.
- Enable promo/affiliate system.
- Add level limit for boxes.
- Add town board for world buffs.
- Update NPC dialogs.
- Update Flaris map.
- Update Fireland map.
- Fix exp stop for dragon rank.
- Fix shadow reset bug.
- Remove channel 5.
- Daily Quest Box Items changed to Event Items.
- Promo Box (Beginner) and Promo Box (Advertiser) added
- Black Coffee, Intense Coffee and White Coffee added to Promo Box (Advertiser)
- Dragon Rank Monster Level 50-60 get new names
- Safe Weapon Level-Up Scrolls added (coming soon)

Halloween Event Update:
...Pumpkin Attack Head added ( +10% PvM damage, +5% Speed ).
...Pumpkin Tank Head added ( +10% Hp Rate, +5% Speed ).
...Pumpkin Stat Head added ( +15 AllStats, +5% Speed ).
...Pumpkin Mask added.
...Baby Mr Pumpkin added.
- Brains will drop for all monsters near Halloween.

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