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Patch 4.3.3

3 years 3 months ago #232 by DANI
#Patch-Notes 16 October 2019

- Add player lord event system.
- Add weapon level world buff.
- Add bold lord shout.
- Add dungeon crash check.
- Enable dragon rank glows (test).
- Enable pets in offline vendor again
- Update daily quest system.
- Update flaris map (Daily Quest, Halloween).
- Update pt translation by Anoxer.
- Increase max monster size scale.
- Increase basilisk drop rate by 30%.
- Fix monster buffs.
- Preparation: New monster and giants added for dragon rank (soon available).
- Preparation: Daily Quest Boxes created (soon available).
- New NPC's added for Daily Quests (soon available).
- Speed Coin changed to Stat Coin.
- Prayer of Healing duration increased.
- Kitty Girl Set Hair changed to a new one.
- Scroll of Summon Twitch description fixed.
- New NPC's added for Daily Quests (soon available).

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