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Patch 4.3.2

3 years 3 months ago #231 by DANI
#Patch Notes 9.10.2019

- Preparations for daily quest system.
- Add kill counter shop (will be filled in the next updates).
- Fix dungeon client crash (Send dc.dmp if it's still happening).
- Fix vendor full inventory bug.
- Fix text translation in partyfinder and item finder.
- Fix guild siege with 3 letter guild name.
- Fix dragon rank exp warning spam.
- Fix quest at Is [Crash Shop].
- Increase ice box chance in donate treasure.
- Lovely Furniture Box added
- Seraph and Forcemaster party buffs duration increased
- New title added for Master Tramnuk, Vampire, Aminus, Devos, Behemoth and Kalgas (kill 100 of them)
- Preparations for the Halloween Event in two weeks
- Halloween Event Update -> new Halloween Weapon Skins added
- New Badges for Halloween added (Icons will be patched soon)

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