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Patch 4.3.1

3 years 4 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #230 by DANI
#Patch Notes 01.10.2019

- Improve dragon weapon leveling.
- Improve Dragon Rank EXP after DR.25.
- Increase dragon cloak angel exp by 100%.
- Increase basilisk drop rate.
- Increase crystal demon drop rate.
- Update madrigal and fireland map.
- Update level 60 guild color
- Fix winter crusade quest. (dragon gold bug).
- Fix winter crusade quest (remove PK condition).
- Fix dust cave egg spawn.
- Fix guild siege arena (Crystal size and border).
- Fix kheldor client crash/bug.
- Fix dragon rank exp warning.
- Fix max level range in power level.
- Add weapon level worldbuff.
- Update secret room window design.
- Lucky Donate Treasure (x500) -> Goku Hair (Blue) added.
- Improve donate chest.
- Icon for Weapon Level Worldbuff and Coin changed.
- Reyne/Reine Set (Dryad RM Set) effect changed from 35% Critical Chance to 10% Hit Rate.
- Defender's Necklace of Protection effect changed from Immunity to 30STA.
- Lucky Level Box (Vote) added (contains: Scroll of Experience ( Dragon Rank ) and Weapon Level Scroll.
- Event Token parameter changed. You can trade them now.
- Lovely Furniture Lucky Box added for vote shop.

#Patch Notes 25.09.2019

- Fix bag client crash.
- Add kalgas back teleport.
- Update kalgas bridges.
- Replace party scroll in donate treasure with Love Chocolate.
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