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Patch 4.3.0

3 years 4 months ago #229 by DANI
#Patch Notes 24.09.2019

- Add PvP Rumble join window (teleports you to the Rumble if you signed up).
- Add weapon level exp scroll and donate treasure to dust cave.
- Change kalgas egg spawn position (first stage).
- Change guildwar msg color.
- Fix arrow connect bug.
- Fix secret room server crash.
- Fix guild load client crash (mostly in dungeons).
- Fix guild war points gain (some guilds did not get their points)
- Increase premium and scroll of faster pet speed.
- Increase basilisk entries to 4.
- Decrease basilisk gear score to 6000.
- Decrease min. dust cave gearscore to 5500.
- Add maintenance mode system (security).
- Add guild siege obstacle in the middle.
- Event Tokens can no longer be donated to the guild bank
- Unstable Flasks desciption fixed
- Dragon Cloak Quest 8 and 9 Guardians changed
- Shiny Behemoth's Shield and Behemoth's Shield can now be upgraded normally
- 16x16 Icons added for Rumble
- Modern Style Furniture Lucky Box added for VoteShop
- Grab bag (Utility) tickets (1 day) removed
- Grab bag (Utility) Remantis Laccotte added
- Grab bag (Utility) Scroll of Custody chance greatly reduced
- Grab bag (Pet Accessories) Scroll of Custody chance greatly reduced
- 12 new tiles added for Fire Land, for example: kill 15.000 Auraclaw to get title: Auraclaw Hunter
- Lucky Donate Treasure added for donation shop
- 4% Cards added to Treasure (4% Card)
- B Cards added to Treasure (B Card)
- Element Cards added to Lucky Stack (Element Card)
- Update glow change text.
- Update shop name and dungeon enter texts.

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