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Patch 4.2.5

3 years 5 months ago #209 by DANI
#Patch Notes 30.08.2019

- Add new Crystal Demon Cave dungeon (Dragon Rank 30).
- Increase white crusher drop rate after dragon rank 30.
- Add new meteo dungeon design (beta).
- Add PvP balancing system (will be used in the next patch).
- Add promo gift code system (For events like gamescom).
- Add stackable beads system.
- Add GW-Point reward for PvP Rumble. (10 Points)
- Fix item destruction after upgrade from 3 to 4.
- Fix clear mail button (UI).
- Fix lord bank. (Database saving fix).
- Fix client crash caused by teleporting into dungeons.
- Fix client crash while loading guilds.
- Disable meteo shout (testing).
- School Event Cloak and Cloak of Bravery added to [Dragon Chip Dealer] Jeff.
- Diablo Shield Skin fixed.
- Diamond Necklace Lucky Box added to [Red Chip Merchant] Wafor (DR.35 required).
- Mysterious Crystal added for Crystal Demon Cave.
- Crystal Demon Cave Monster added.

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