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Patch 4.2.3

3 years 5 months ago #185 by DANI
#Patch Notes 08.08.2019

- Fix client crash due to the vendor buy window.
- Fix client crash due to entering a dungeon with the bag open.
- Fix dragon cloak quest angel (stays after relog).
- Fix model remove scroll.
- Fix job change client crash.
- Fix EXP rendering, enable new EXP rendering for all players with Dragon Rank.
- Add white crusher quest items for the Dust Cave.
- Add auto ban checks.
- Add red chip reward for all guilds in siege.
- Add new admin commands for the Invasion Event.
- Add layer not found user message.
- Add Weapon EXP scroll (not available yet).
- Add buy items by pressing enter in the NPC shops.
- Add new button design for model change warning.
- Add new button design for model Re-Stat scroll.
- Update donate shop URL.
- Update guild siege (GW) point subtraction (-100 Points).
- Disable Blink Pool on Dust Cave Dungeon.
- Post message for items sold via offline vendors now contain the name of the sold item
- Max button in shop windows now calculates how much items you can actually buy with your money.
- Skills using bleeding damage / damage over time no longer overflow if the damage is higher 32k damage per tick.
- Fire Basilisk jewelry sets adjusted (set effect is available with 4 parts).
- Ultimate Fire Passive Guildbuff for Guild Level 60 added (you need 800 Guild Siege Points and 20 member)
- Guild Siege points for Guild Buffs increased
- Scroll of Experience ( Dragon Rank ) icon changed
- Dust Cave Key (Gold) and Dust Cave Key (Silver) added.
- Prepare Dust Cave Dungeon.
- Enable Basilisk Dungeon.
- Increase Psy AOE damage by factor 2x in Fireland.

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