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Season 11 Server Launch June 28

3 weeks 4 days ago - 3 weeks 4 days ago #406 by DANI

Dragon Crusade Season 11: Rise of Shenlong

Exciting news for Dragon Crusade fans!

The Season 11 Server will go online on June 28 at 6 PM GMT+2, bringing a fresh start and a wealth of exciting new content.

Face the Vicious Dragon Gods, uncover ancient secrets, and claim powerful rewards. Explore new dungeons like the Shadow Citadel and Obsidian Fortress, and earn exclusive items like Shenlong's Wings and the Shenlong Guardian.

The season will run for 6 months, with a Discord survey to determine the best time for merging with the main server. All characters and items will transfer seamlessly to the base server at the season's end.

Obsidian Fortress

Venture into the Obsidian Fortress, where Abyssus, the Dragon of Darkness, awaits. This Dragon Rank 150 dungeon is filled with dark challenges and formidable enemies. Prove your valor and claim powerful loot.

Obsidian Dragon Sets

Enter the Obsidian Fortress and face Abyssus, the Dragon of Darkness. Defeat him to obtain the coveted Obsidian Dragon Sets, forged from the essence of dragons, providing unmatched strength and resilience.

Shadow Citadel

Enter the Shadow Citadel and confront Zark, the skeletal warlord. This Dragon Rank 180 dungeon is filled with dark challenges and formidable enemies. Only the bravest will survive.

Sealed Dragon Weapons

Unlock the power of the Sealed Dragon Weapons by vanquishing Zark in the Shadow Citadel. These legendary weapons are designed to break the seals of ancient dragons, essential for conquering the Vicious Dragon Gods.

Depths of Desolation

Descend into the Depths of Desolation, the lair of Shenlong. This Dragon Rank 200 dungeon is the ultimate test of your strength and determination. Defeat Shenlong and secure your place in history.

Shenlong's Wings

Defeat Shenlong in the Depths of Desolation to earn Dark Dragon Balls. Collect all seven to exchange them for Shenlong's Wings, a cloak that mirrors the majestic wings of Shenlong himself. This cloak grants its wearer immense power and the ability to soar through the skies of Madrigal.

Shenlong's Guardian

By gathering all seven Dark Dragon Balls and defeating Shenlong, you can summon Shenlong's Guardian, a powerful companion named Ryujin. Ryujin, once a loyal protector of Shenlong, has chosen to aid the bravest of heroes in their quest to safeguard Madrigal. With Ryujin by your side, you will wield unparalleled strength and wisdom, ready to face any challenge.

Obsidian & Sealed Dragon Gear Upgrade

Collect vital upgrade materials in the Eternal Night Cave to enhance your new sets and weapons. Defeat the ancient creature Cthulak to obtain Eternal Essence and Nightmare Shard. Use the Eternal Essence to upgrade your Obsidian Dragon Sets for unparalleled protection. Enhance your Sealed Dragon Weapons with the Nightmare Shard for increased power against ancient dragons.

Enhanced Offline Vendor System

Experience the convenience of the Editable Offline Vendor System. Set up your shop, customize your inventory, and sell items even when you’re offline. You can now add or remove items without closing the vendor.

Comprehensive Monster Wiki

Explore the comprehensive Monster Wiki to learn about the creatures inhabiting Madrigal. Discover their strengths, weaknesses, HP, levels, and drop information to aid you in your adventures.

Detailed Drop Information

Stay informed with the new Drop Information system. It will be integrated into the Monster Wiki, showing the drop rates of items that monsters can drop.

Dungeon Hell Mode 2.0

Face the ultimate challenge with Dungeon Hell Mode 2.0. Harder enemies, greater rewards, and intense battles await those brave enough to enter. More difficult mechanics and increased damage make it more rewarding for groups.

Cross Transmute: Axe and Swords

Enjoy the flexibility of Cross Transmute, allowing you to convert the appearance of your weapons between Axes and Swords. Customize your weapon loadout to suit your combat style and strategy.

Grand Siege Tournament of Dragons - 350,000 Dragon Coins Prize Pool & Special Guild Furniture

Prepare for an epic tournament with 12 intense matches! Guilds earn points based on their performance in Guild Siege, and new guilds can join anytime without registration.

Prize money will be distributed to guilds in Donate Coins after the tournament. Check the tournament schedule below for exact match dates.

Join the thrilling Season 11 Tournament and compete for glory! Test your skills against other players and earn amazing rewards. Will your guild rise to the top and claim victory?

Release Timeline: Break Through Level Caps!

Our new level cap system allows you to keep leveling up even after reaching the weekly cap, making each level progressively harder. This means you can surpass the level cap from day one if you're dedicated enough. With no real limits, your progress is only restricted by your effort and perseverance.

Master Your Class (PvE Competition)

Be the fastest in your class and reach the maximum Dragon Rank first. From each class, the first one to reach the maximum level wins one non-purchasable CS sets and one month premium and $50 in Dragon Coins.

Within the 8 winners, one will be drawn who has the chance to win a Cloak of Honor.

Upcoming Features

We will publish all upcoming features in the next few days, moreover, some of them will already be available on the main server in advance and can be tested.

What's new on the server?

* We added a lot of new content over the last months.
* You can check out our features when you click on features in the top menu.

Do you still have questions?

* Join our Discord Server and chat with us.
* You can also contact us on Facebook.

Season 11 | Rise of Shenlong Story Trailer:
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