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Server Merge & Donate Weekend

1 month 1 week ago #405 by DANI

✨ Server Merge Celebration & Special Donation Bonus Weekend! ? @everyone

Exciting news, Dragon Crusade community! As of May 4th, we have successfully merged the Base Server and Season 10 Server. This milestone marks a new chapter for all adventurers, combining our forces and histories into a single, unified journey.

? Celebrate the Merge with a Donation Bonus!
To celebrate this seamless integration, we're thrilled to offer a 30% donation bonus this weekend. It’s the perfect time to boost your adventure with extra resources!

?️ What’s New? Updates to the Offline Vendor System:
We’ve rolled out an update to the offline vendor system. Vendors can now be edited after being opened, allowing items to be placed and removed without needing to close the entire vendor. This enhancement is designed to make your trading experience more efficient and flexible.
Please report any issues or feedback regarding this update. Your input is invaluable and helps us refine and perfect new features.

?️ Looking Ahead: Next Season and Upcoming Patches:
While we have no specific launch date for the next season yet, rest assured, our team is hard at work preparing some substantial patches and exciting new content. We are committed to making the next season of Dragon Crusade bigger and better than ever!

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to improve and expand the world of Dragon Crusade. Your adventure and the memories you create here inspire all that we do. Let’s embark on this new unified journey together, stronger and more connected!

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