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Easter Event & Easter Donation Bonus!

2 months 1 week ago #404 by DANI

? Easter Event & Easter Donation Bonus! ? @everyone

Springtime's vibrant bloom heralds the return of our cherished Easter event in Madrigal, alongside the climax of our thrilling tournament season. Monsters across the land hoard Easter eggs, ripe for the gathering. Exchange these treasures with Event Manager Shiro in Flaris for splendid rewards.

Wishing a splendid Easter to all adventurers! May your quests be laden with success and your collections abundant.

? Easter Donation Bonus:
In celebration, we're bestowing a 30% bonus on all donations effective now until March 3rd. Amplify your adventure with this limited-time boon, and see your extra coins after each transaction.

? Final Tournament Statistics & Celebrations:
The tournament has reached its grand conclusion. Here's how our valiant guilds have fared in their quest for glory:
? Guild its - Standing tall with an unprecedented 4442 Points.
? Guild Cherry - A formidable force amassing 410 Points.
? Guild Rascals - Displaying valor and strategy with 174 Points.
4th: Guild Dayum - With steadfast determination, they've earned 107 Points.
5th: Guild L0ST - Showcasing resilience and teamwork, achieving 94 Points.
6th: Guild DIMOOOON - Fought valiantly, securing 53 Points.
7th: Guild Sanctuary - Holding their ground, they've gathered 31 Points.
8th: Guild Amnesia - Leaving a mark with their strategic plays, attaining 60 Points.
9th: Guild OverGeard1 and 10th: Guild RexHuB - Participated with zeal, poised for future triumphs.

We raise our glasses to Guild its for their championship victory! Their unparalleled teamwork and strategic mastery have indeed set a benchmark for excellence.

? Master Your Class Rewards:
Champions of the Master Your Class event, please contact GM Trisayn to claim your hard-earned prizes. Your exceptional skills have illuminated the path to victory.

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