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The Final Dragon Rank

3 months 5 days ago #403 by DANI

? The Final Dragon Rank 200 Expansion Is Here! ?

Champions of Dragon Crusade, the moment has arrived for the ultimate challenge! We are ecstatic to bring you the final Dragon Rank 200 Expansion. This Friday, venture into the enigmatic Dust Canyon, a realm where ancient monsters have roamed for millennia.

Release Date
Dragon Rank 200: Friday, March 8, 2024 6:00 PM ⁠patchnotes

?️ Explore Dune Canyon
Epic Adventure Awaits: Journey through Dune Canyon, where the mightiest heroes will face tests of strength and valor.
Confront the Eternal Giant Spirit of the Desert: Overcome this colossal foe to secure a rare statue for your house, symbolizing your unmatched heroism.

? Master Your Class (PvE Competition) Reminder
The race to the top intensifies! Be the first in your class to reach Dragon Rank 200 and reap incredible rewards:
Exclusive, non-purchasable CS sets
One month of premium membership
$50 in Dragon Coins
One of the eight class champions will also win the coveted Cloak of Honor. Will you claim this prestigious accolade?

? Tournament Statistics Update - The Climactic Finale:
As the dust settles from Match 8, our guilds' relentless spirit shines brighter than ever:
? 1st: Guild its escalates to an unprecedented 3482 Points (2509 previous + 973 from Match 8)
? 2nd: Guild Rascals emerges with 26 Points in Match 8
? 2nd: Guild Cherry holds strong with a total of 953 Points
? 3rd: Guild L0ST maintains third with a total of 94 Points
4th: Guild DIMOOOON stands at 53 Points
5th: Guild Sanctuary with 31 Points
6th: Guild Amnesia at 60 Points
7th: Guild OverGeard1 and Guild RexHuB both with 0 Points

Step into the Dune Canyon, remember: "He who controls the Dust, controls the universe."

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