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DR 150 & +50% Donate Weekend

3 months 3 weeks ago - 3 months 3 weeks ago #400 by DANI

? Dragon Rank 150 Expansion - Delve into the Eternal Night! ? @everyone

Embark on an epic adventure with today's launch of the Dragon Rank 150 Expansion. As the shadows lengthen and the night deepens, the Eternal Night Caves await those brave enough to explore its secrets.

? New Dungeon Alert: Eternal Night Caves
- Face the darkness and challenge Hastur, the formidable boss of the Eternal Night Caves. Victors will earn the coveted Hastur Trophy for their house, symbolizing unmatched bravery and strength.

? Special Donate Event - 50% More Donate Coins Weekend!
- To celebrate our latest expansion and the introduction of new weapon skins, enjoy a 50% bonus on all donated coins from now until Sunday night.

- This is the perfect time to enhance your arsenal and enjoy added value with every purchase.

- The bonus will be applied post-purchase, so you can see your extra coins right away.

? Combined Tournament Statistics - Updated!
- With the latest round of competition, our guilds have shown incredible determination. Here's how the standings look after adding the scores from Match 6 to the previous totals:
- ? 1st: Guild its with a monumental total of 1669 Points (993 from previous + 349 from Match 4 + 277 from Match 5 + 703 from Match 6)
- ? 2nd: Guild Cherry with a total of 953 Points (631 from previous + 129 from Match 4 + 422 from Match 5 + 96 from Match 6)
- ? 3rd: Guild L0ST remains at 94 Points (unchanged from previous totals)
- 4th: Guild DIMOOOON increases to 53 Points (32 from previous + 21 from Match 6)
- 5th: Guild Sanctuary stays at 31 Points (unchanged from previous totals)
- 6th: Guild OverGeard1 and 7th: Guild RexHuB both remain at 0 Points

Will you conquer the Eternal Night Caves and claim the Hastur Trophy? Join the fray, test your mettle, and seize your destiny in Dragon Crusade.

The adventure begins now! ?
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