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Dragon Rank 130 Expansion

4 months 4 weeks ago #399 by DANI

? Dragon Rank 130 Expansion Launches Today! in 16 hours ⛰️

The adventure escalates, brave warriors of Dragon Crusade! Today at February 16, 2024 6:00 PM, we are thrilled to unveil the Dragon Rank 130 Expansion!

?️ Epic New Challenges Await:
Embark on a perilous journey to Skull Valley, a level region shrouded in mystery and danger.
Defeat the Eternal Giant Stone Golem to claim a rare trophy for your house, a prestigious symbol of valor and strength.

? Upcoming Tournament Match Alert: in 3 days
Mark your calendars! The next thrilling tournament match is scheduled for Sunday, just 2 days post-expansion, at 3 PM GMT+2 in 3 days. Gather your allies, strategize, and prepare to showcase your guild's might and unity.

? Combined Tournament Statistics - Updated!
The competition intensifies with the latest scores from Match 5 added to the overall standings:
? 1st: Guild its with a total of 993 Points (666 from previous + 349 from Match 4 + 277 from Match 5)
? 2nd: Guild Cherry with a total of 631 Points (210 from previous + 129 from Match 4 + 422 from Match 5)
? 3rd: Guild L0ST with a total of 94 Points (From previous matches)
4th: Guild DIMOOOON with 32 Points (11 from Match 3 + 21 from Match 4)
5th: Guild Sanctuary with 31 Points (From previous matches)
6th: Guild OverGeard1 with 0 Points (From Match 4)
7th: Guild RexHuB with 0 Points (From previous matches)

Prepare to explore new territories, conquer formidable foes, and etch your names in the annals of Dragon Crusade history. The realm of Skull Valley awaits your arrival, filled with untold dangers and treasures.

Let the Dragon Rank 130 Expansion begin!

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