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Dragon Rank 100 Expansion

5 months 6 days ago - 5 months 6 days ago #398 by DANI

Dragon Rank 100 Expansion - Uncover Ancient Treasures in 17 hours!

Embark on an epic quest, Dragon Crusade champions! Today, February 9, 2024 6:00 PM, enter the mystical realms of the Dragon Rank 100 Expansion!

⚔️ New Challenges and Rewards!
Cave King: A formidable new challenge awaits. Conquer the Cave King for a chance to claim the Diamond Necklaces, Legendary Dragon VI, and Ultimate Cards!

? Prepare for the Upcoming Tournament in 3 days!
Warriors, ready your guilds for the looming tournament this Sunday! Make sure your team is registered for the Guild Siege and battle for glory and honor!

Dive into a world filled with powerful treasures, compelling lore, and intense competition. Gather your weapons, unite with your allies, and rise to the challenge in the Dragon Crusade universe! ?️

? Combined Tournament Statistics - Updated!
Dive into the latest standings as we tally points from all matches, including Match 4 results:
? 1st: its with a total of 666 Points (317 from previous + 349 from Match 4)
? 2nd: Cherry with a total of 210 Points (81 from previous + 129 from Match 4)
? 3rd: L0ST with a total of 94 Points (From previous matches)
4th: DIMOOOON with 32 Points (11 from Match 3 + 21 from Match 4)
5th: Sanctuary with 31 Points (From previous matches)
6th: OverGeard1 with 0 Points (From Match 4)
7th: RexHuB with 0 Points (From previous matches)

Prepare for battle, strategize, and may the best guilds triumph! The Dragon Crusade universe awaits your conquest. ⚔️
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